rist repeats

With Coach JD telling me that I had to do some hill repeats on the bike, I decided to head up to Rist Canyon to do them…I always forget what a beautiful place it is out there, and it’s only about 30 minutes of a ride, away from my house.


Everything around here is SO GREEN, such amazing views yesterday during the whole ride!  I love this iconic dairy bus that I see every time that I ride up there–on the other side, it was painted “Prom, Makayla?”–so cute.  I always think of Chris McCandless from Into the Wild whenever I see this bus, but pretty sure no ones lives in there.  🙂

On the way home, I hopped onto the Poudre River Bike Trail and got a good shot on my favorite part of the trail, too.  So much of the trail reminds me of both Sacramento and Boise…just awesome.  I’m really lucky to live here and to have places like these, quite literally, in my backyard.


I also got this awesome shot too of little Scout while we were playing at the school behind our house.  She is the funniest little nut!



I love how much happiness is in this photo.



One thought on “rist repeats

  1. Love the photo of scout. Such a great puppy!! You are so ambitious – makes me feel like a real slog.

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