riding the (previously) unexplored…

So it only took me (about) 2 years before I decided to tackle the big, bad, scary Rist Canyon Ride here in Fort Collins, and all I can say is…what took me so long???  The views and the areas particularly once I got to Stove Prairie were so awesome!

stoveprairie stoveprairie2


I’ve lately gotten more scared of the course at IMLT and the elevation gain (5,240 ft.) over the course of the ride…but after having done this ride on Saturday (3,480 ft. in 48 mi), I’d say that I feel a little better about climbing.  Plus, I managed to pass 3 other male cyclists during the climbs–I have to be honest, there aren’t many things that feel as good as “chicking” some dudes, particularly while going up a hard hill!  I really hope they noticed my ponytail and pink helmet…

I also stopped by Spring Creek Park on my ride home yesterday, to check out The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall that they had set up for about 5 days here in Fort Collins.  Pretty neat sight to have here in town, and to be able to see it on Memorial Day.  Here’s a (bad) picture that I took; I was a little too far away, but didn’t want to be rude and get too close and in peoples’ way just for a photo op.


The rest of the long weekend was spent mostly working (still) on the garden (planted more tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and corn this time), weeding (so exciting), and having some friends over yesterday for a little bbq and some chicken satay . Yum!

Finally, I just wanted to give a shout-out to my family and friends who have already started contributing to my crowdrise fundraiser, thanks Ellen, Laureen, and Mom!  You are all awesome and thanks for getting the ball rolling!  I really appreciate all of your support! 😀




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