I was able to sneak away from Fort Collins for 8 days this summer, both to see my family and for a college reunion that the “Tri-Hotties” have every year…we always rotate the reunion location, and I always make it a big priority to go each year because I love these girls!

I got to see my mom and go out to dinner with her friends Hathor, Donna, and Vicki–at my favorite place, Happy Corner, in Sacramento.  It was extra special because it was a celebration dinner as they have all donated to the Ironman Foundation and my charity on Crowdrise.  I really enjoyed spending time with them over a delicious meal of crispy salt and pepper chicken wings, peking spare ribs, white chicken with ginger and scallions, curry noodles, salt and pepper fish, fish with eggplant, and I know a couple more dishes that I can’t remember now.  🙂 Big thanks to them, as well as Laureen and Patty who couldn’t make the dinner but also donated…My mom and her wonderful network in Sacramento have been such a big help in helping me reach my goal–I’m over $800 right now, which is awesome!  🙂 Sadly, I didn’t get any photos of us at dinner, so instead, here are a couple pictures of my beautiful mom and her dog Jade–we went for a picnic on Jade’s 7th Birthday.  🙂

Image IMG_3151


I just love them so much!


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