City Streets Criteriums–Week One!

Somehow, I ended up as the Race Director for a weekly Tuesday night criterium series for the month of July, here in Fort Collins (how do these things happen? 😀 ) and last night, we had our first event!  

The first week is always a little bit scrambley…the folks that were supposed to bring the PA system didn’t (so we started yelling and using cowbells), and then the City Streets Superintendent, Larry, was able to locate a bullhorn for us, which really saved the day!  I feel definitely proud of the fact that for the most part, amidst all of the “first race” hiccups, the races generally went off at the right time and no one was seriously injured.  There were definitely a few more crashes than normal, but I chalk that up to a little too much testosterone and one tight corner on the course right before the end.  

One of the team members from First City Cycling Team was able to make us an awesome flyer for the event, which combines both that team and the Fort Follies team colors, along with having some women represented on the flyer!  It’s just so darn cool:Image

I have to admit, the turnout was much higher than I had thought, with about 75+ youth racers, and a good field of about 70 adult riders.  Nothing’s more inspiring than seeing the young ones setting themselves up at the start line, though:



And here’s another shot of the C riders getting ready to roll…with Fort Follies co-Founder Whitney Schultz in the Team Colavita-Fine Cooking green kit, our awesome Pro teammate!


She was mentoring the C race (“beginners”) here; at these events, we try to bring in several seasoned riders in to mentor the C riders during the race–mostly to help bridge them back up to the main group, learn how to corner better at faster speeds (and correctly), and offer general constructive criticism to our C’s in a race setting.  It’s a format that I think really works!  Plus it’s always great to have someone to help you out if you get dropped from the lead pack…otherwise it can be a very lonely time trial for the last 25 minutes!  



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