Musings on never sweating the small stuff…

Just the other day, I was quickly reminded about the important things in life, and never taking what you have, for granted…

Greg and I went to see a movie on Friday night, and while we were in the movie, we heard a pretty loud storm outside–it sounded like it was pouring rain, but other than that, we couldn’t tell much because we were inside.  As we left the theatre, fallen tree branches and other debris littered the roads, which were wet from the earlier storm.  We saw lots of large branches in the streets and around the sidewalks, but didn’t think much of it, aside from “that must have a pretty big storm.”

A big storm indeed.  When we came home to our place, we saw this:


It wasn’t so much a simple “branch” that fell on top of our house, but moreso 1/2 of the large, very dead, very heavy tree that just crashed onto our roof.  It looked bad, but mostly for that corner of the house that was bearing the brunt of most of the weight of the tree.  After staring a bit at the house, we quickly went inside to check on Scout to make sure she was okay.  We saw:



Tree branches, roof, water, insulation, fiberglass–it was everywhere, smack-dab in our living room.  Mostly, because one of the branches had split off from the tree and crashed into the roof, which ended up tearing through the ceiling, creating this hole:



The picture really doesn’t do it justice, because the hole in our ceiling was actually the size of our brown couch–spanning the whole way across our living room ceiling from end to end.  It was very shocking for us at the beginning, but Greg and I got into cleaning mode and tried to get at least what was immediately in our living room, out of there.  I was mostly worried about the fiberglass and insulation, because that kind of stuff always tends to be such a skin irritant.  

As it turned out, Scout was fine–she seemed a little bit afraid of the guest bedroom (where I think she was sleeping with the tree fell onto that bedroom), but these days, she’s totally fine and even sleeps in there now.

We had really great landlords who have done a lot for us so far, having the Fort Collins Fire Department come out to check if the house was structurally sound, getting a tree service out, contractors, etc. to work on fixing the roof and a lot of it was accomplished on Saturday (I instead was on a bike ride while it all happened, thanks Landlord!) and it’s looking like it won’t be that difficult to deal with aside from while they are re-roofing the house, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Surprisingly, not many of our personal belongings were damaged very much at all–we were very lucky since most of the insulation (and rest of the “top of the house”) fell onto our leather couch and other couches–but we could brush them off/clean them and there’s no real damage that we’re looking at, personally (our landlord is another story!).  

With all of it, more than anything, I was reminded about how lucky both Greg and I are–it could have been a lot worse, and/or we could have been home!  We later remarked on the hole in the ceiling being right above where Greg often sits in our family room…I would have been just fine, but he could have gotten taken out!  Crazy to think about what other things that could have happened, or what we could have lost.  

Though I’m not looking forward to the next steps of re-roofing the house (and whatever will come with that), this happening really puts a lot in perspective–and makes me appreciate my life so very much, for what I have.  “Things” you can purchase more of, houses you can fix, carpets you can clean, and after this little disaster, everything that’s really important to me, Greg and Scout, were a-OK.  

And that’s all that really matters.



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