City Streets Criteriums #3

Well, third time is definitely a charm!  This past Tuesday evening, we had our 3rd race that’s part of the City Streets Criteriums series.  We’ve been able to get the most amazing support from so many great sponsors, including Noosa Yoghurt, Shimano, The Fort Collins Brewery, Syntace, SQ Labs, Colorado State University, Source Endurance, Jelly-Belly, Guru Energy Drink, Road ID, and several more!  Since it was round 3 for us, set-up and tear-down seemed to go so much more smoothly than before…I’m glad we’re learning a little more each week and it’s definitely getting significantly easier to put on!

It’s been a great experience learning how to put on a criterium race (and bike race in general)–they’re definitely not as complicated as triathlons or running races, but the biggest challenge we’ve had to deal with is learning how to score and handle the timing/placing part when the athletes are coming in on their last lap–with speeds ranging from 30-35 mph when they finish, you have to have a very keen eye when calling out the athletes’ numbers in order!

This past week, we had the largest fields in all categories so far–I only hope the momentum keeps building, as we have 2 more Tuesday night races to go…and we’ve had a solid 50+ youth at the event each week, which is so awesome!  Here’s my best picture from the race, the Men’s B’s were going too fast for me!


A special shout-out to Barb & Bill Hammond and Megan D. who have also just donated to my fundraiser for Ironman Lake Tahoe!  I super super super super super duper appreciate all of the fantastic support that I’ve gotten from my friends and family–you all help me stay very motivated and will give me that extra push during the race(s) coming up!  ❤


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