This past weekend, I got to spend with a couple of my absolute favorite bears, Robin and BD!  They just got back from an amazing trip around the world for 600+ days, and since BD’s parents live here in Fort Collins, they’re spending some time here before they figure out where their next place will be to live!

We had homemade vegan pizzas made on the grill on Friday evening, some beer tasting, and they introduced me to what I plan on eating every day for breakfast from now on, “gruel” which consists of equal parts: millet, ground flax seed, rainbow quinoa, buckwheat, and steel cut oats.  Missing from this list were two things I couldn’t find at Sprouts Farmer’s Market, which are amaranth and teff.  I’ll add these next time I find them, maybe at Whole Foods or something.  It also contains a little chia seeds, rehydrated with almond milk in the fridge from the day before, and I’ve been topping mine with honey and a touch of butter.  YUM.  SO DELICIOUS.  It’s better than oatmeal (I’ve never loved the texture of oatmeal) and has a great nutty, slightly crunchy texture that I am just loving!


We all went for a ride on Sunday (plus Fort Follie Natalie!), a “two hour ride” that kind of turned into three hours, mostly because I wanted to show them all of my favorite places to ride, the dams, Masonville, Eden Valley, etc. and of course we had to stop at the alpaca farm!  Can you spot the dog in this photo? 🙂


It was so awesome to ride with old friends…and hearing BD call out “let’s go Shaggy!” as we picked off riders on the climbs we did heading back into town, it was such a great feeling! 🙂


Robin and BD came very prepared for the ride with lots of food…good thing because it ended up being a lot longer than I had intended!


Love these two…I hope they stay in Fort Collins at least for a little bit!

And on that note, GO BEARS!!!


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