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I’m a native Californian, currently living in Fort Collins, CO and am a student at CSU Fort Collins.  I’m pursuing a 2nd Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, and intend on applying to Veterinary School this fall to hopefully attend in September 2014.  I’m applying to a lot of schools this first round (my top choices are CSU, Tufts, and NC State), so who knows where I’ll end up in 2014!

This summer, I’m living in Fort Collins and will be training and working 2 jobs as a research assistant at the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and also a volunteer position with MyHeroes, where I’ll volunteer with a therapeutic riding program and take care of some of the horses there!  I’m hoping they’ll let me ride, even a little bit this summer would be awesome–I really miss riding.

I’m really excited at the thought of having a summer in CO, mostly to train (and work on my vet school applications, eek!)–the last time I “trained” for an Ironman, I was working full-time for Ironman and the training…was minimal at best, so the whole day at Lake Placid was… a struggle.  This time though, will be different!  I have the same coach, John Dahlz, who I love and really trust–which is awesome!  I’m so happy to be out of school and to just be able to focus on training, working, and raising money for the Ironman Foundation without school (and genetics or organic chemistry) nagging at me.

And with that, a few random factoids about me…

To Kill A Mockingbird is my all-time favorite novel, ever.  Jean Louise “Scout” Finch is actually Scout’s namesake–she was such a feisty, smart one–perfect for my pup.  Which leads me to say…

Scout is my most absolute favorite in the world, ever.  If you know me (or even can guess from the tons of photos of her), you know that I think the world of her.  Plus, she’s the BEST running partner, ever!  I in particular like when her lips get caught in her teeth and she makes the best faces:


Fort Follies Cycling Team is a new all-women’s cycling team out of Fort Collins that I am the president and the co-founder of!  It’s been an awesome experience and really gotten me more involved with the cycling scene here in Foco.  Our girls riding off at the Gowdy Grinder in WY:


I love love love love fried food (french fries, fried clams, fried calamari, fried fish, tater tots, curly fries, hush puppies, tempura, I could keep going on and on)…But in particular, Popeye’s chicken.  This is from a couple weeks ago, when Greg and I went to see Zac Brown Band at Red Rocks…had to get me some “Chicken-Fried!”


In fact, I love fried chicken so much, that my good friend Lauren developed this special shirt when I raced Ironman Lake Placid (2010) for me (I also really appreciate bacon and waffles):


And yes–that would be a fried chicken drumstick “swimming,” a waffle biking, and a piece of bacon running.  And extra bonus that it’s on yellow tie-dye!

Going to Cal (i.e., round 1 of college) was one of the best decisions of my life--it’s where I met my best friends, where I found myself on the best triathlon team in the nation, where I learned a LOT about myself, and where I will always have a home.

GO BEARS, always always.


I love my “Cal Tri Hotties,” aka my best friends that I met on the team.  Even though it’s been years since we’ve graduated, we still get together each year–only now, some of us have kids, and have “grown up,” but every time that we are still able to see each other, it’s such a blast:


I am and will forever be a California girl.  Colorado is absolutely amazing–but there’s something about a run on the fire trail “to the bench” for a view of the bay and the Campanile that you just don’t get in Colorado.


And finally, life is way too short to take seriously.  So enjoy the ride!

DSCN2677 IMG_2276IMG_0053


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Christi! Good to find you here on WordPress — your Ironman journey sounds amazing. I’m so impressed. 🙂 I know my mom has really enjoyed reconnecting with yours recently. Here’s hoping we have the chance to do the same someday! Looks like you’re living a fab life. And I LOVE the Run for Fried Chicken shirt. It’s kind of amazing.

    • Emily! I found out your blog because my mom told me about it–it’s too bad I don’t live near you, I feel like we have a lot in common these days, in particular, our love of food! I love your blog and check out the recipes–so awesome! I too hope that we have a chance to reunite someday, but until then, I’ll ooh and ahh over your recipes (hellooooooo Ramen!–that reminds me of when we used to go to Edokko and get the Kitsune Udon) and I love reading about your running of course! 🙂 Muah!

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